How It Works is the first commercial real estate website built from scratch with the idea of connecting commercial real estate professionals to each other, to share information about, and participate in the completion of commercial real estate transactions.

If you are putting together a deal, or looking to get on board early, only features deals in their early stage, where you can best create value. allows you to make connections to other commercial real estate professionals.  Posted “track record” profiles allow you to review the credentials and history of fellow professionals, and if you wish, invite them into your inner circle.  You may also review invitations sent to you to view information about deals other professionals are putting together.

Potential transaction or other business information posted on can be “public” or “private.”  By posting publicly, you “advertise” information about a deal, yourself, or your firm to the broad community.  Or you can post privately, sharing information only with invited colleagues. 

Additionally,’s real-time analytics not only allow you to keep track of and review deals and connections you have previously viewed, but tells you how often your track records, profiles and deal information have been viewed by others, who those others are, giving excellent feedback on what other firms or individuals are most interested in partnering with you. members can search the site by any number of criteria.  Looking for bankers or equity investors who specialize in loans or investments of a particular size or type?  Looking to team up with a developer experienced with a specific type of property?  Looking for the leading broker or leasing agent in a particular market?  Looking for the buyers or sellers of property portfolios of a particular size of in a certain market? is the best and quickest way to complete your search very efficiently.

And once you’ve connected with a fellow member, becomes your invaluable collaborative workspace. allows you to store and share documents, emails, spreadsheets, timelines and any other project information securely and conveniently so everyone on your team can stay up to date and informed.

There is no other site for commercial real estate professionals on the Internet today like, the custom commercial real estate deal sourcing platform where people and opportunities meet.